Estate Planning Webinar

Join us for an essential session that demands your attention as a business owner or director. Genevieve Hehir from LSW Lawyers will uncover the threats that could jeopardise your business. Gain valuable insights through real-life examples of businesses facing challenges due to unforeseen gaps in their Estate Planning. This webinar is especially tailored for Financial Planning Businesses recognising the real danger of business being unable to operate or be sold. Whilst sole director and single-adviser practices face higher risks, this is also valuable for larger practices. In recent instances, we've observed that despite advising small business clients on Estate Planning, advisers often overlook their own situations which has put their business at risk. This session's insights are not just beneficial for you; they will help you with your small business clients. Click here to register.
Event Details
Apr 17 to Apr 17 2024
Type: Virtual