Strategic Advice

Strategic Advice Framework

Today’s professional financial adviser is focused on giving clients true goals-based strategic advice.

That’s why we developed the Strategic Advice Framework.

The Strategic Advice Program supports advisers who want to move towards strategic, goals-based advice and develop a fee for service offering.  It also supports advisers who are already embracing a goals-based advice model and need the integrated support of their dealer group to ensure its success.

As a large, well-resourced licensee we’re helping advisers unpack the opportunity, create a differentiated and relevant offer, and successfully implement it.   As a result, our advisers are experiencing greater client engagement and loyalty; a more diverse client base; and an uptick in revenue.

We ensure that advisers have the tools they need to provide strategy-only advice (for example, assessing the cash flow impact of investment property holdings or Aged Care options) as well as to integrate product recommendations where needed to give the client the best information and advice.

As part of the program we also work with businesses to define their value proposition and pricing for strategic advice services.